• effy trunk show - take up to $100 off at the event
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    EFFY Trunk Show – Take up to $100 off your purchase!

    You’re invited to the exclusive EFFY Trunk Show! For one day only, each store will be flooded with a sea of gorgeous EFFY pieces! Go ahead and make an appointment below for up to $100 OFF* any purchase at the show! SEPT 20 ONLYBrentwood Showroom9:30am – 6:00pm 782 Old Hickory Blvd., Suite 104Brentwood, TN 37027615-221-4392615-594-0604 (Text or Call) SEPT 21 ONLYHendersonville Showroom9:30am – 6:00pm 1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400Hendersonville, TN 37075615-826-5338(615) 609-0449 (Text or Call) EFFY – obsessed with quality & craftsmanship EFFY is a family-owned company that was started by Effy Hematian in 1979. He actually began his career as an engineer, which gave him a special eye for…

  • le vian one day only
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    Le Vian Trunk Show – Win a $1000 gift card!

    You’re invited to the exclusive Le Vian Trunk Show! For one day only, each store will be flooded with hundreds and hundreds of fabulous Le Vian pieces, including limited edition jewelry! Go ahead and make an appointment now for $100 OFF any purchase at the show, but the goodies don’t stop there! MAY 10 ONLYBrentwood Showroom9:30am – 6:00pm 782 Old Hickory Blvd., Suite 104Brentwood, TN 37027615-221-4392615-594-0604 (Text or Call) MAY 11 ONLYHendersonville Showroom9:30am – 6:00pm 1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400Hendersonville, TN 37075615-826-5338(615) 609-0449 (Text or Call) Le Vian – a rich history, across centuries Le Vian is a family-owned jewelry company whose history goes back to the 15th century. By…

  • heart necklace only 19.99
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    Valentine’s Gift Guide

    It’s February, and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show that special someone just how much you care. Sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be daunting, but don’t worry—we’re here to help! Not only is all diamond fashion 20% OFF in-store and online, but we’ve also put together a Valentine’s day gift guide! Check it out below to see a hand-picked selection of gorgeous pieces for all budgets and styles. Under $100 Under $500 Under $1000 $1000 & Above Looking for the personal touch? Virtual Personal Shopping As always, our friendly sales associates are ready to assist you in-store, but if you’d rather stay…

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    Two Day Gold Buying Event

    Did you know gold prices are at an all-time high? Take advantage of these amazing, limited-time prices at our upcoming Gold Buying Event! We’re offering INSTANT payment for your unwanted gold, silver, diamonds, and watches, plus a 20% BONUS if you choose a store credit! For your convenience, we’re hosting this event at both of our stores on separate weekends. Check out the details & make your appointment below: Hendersonville September 11-12 1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400Hendersonville, TN 37075(615) 826-5338 HOURS Friday the 11th • 9:30 am – 6:00 pmSaturday the 12th • 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Brentwood September 18-19 782 Old Hickory Blvd. Suite 104Brentwood, TN 37027(615) 221-4392…

  • pear shaped fancy color diamond and princess cut diamond
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    Diamond – April’s Birthstone

    The birthstone for April babies is probably the best known gemstone of all time: diamond. Let’s take a look at what makes this timeless stone such a classic–plus a perfect gift! A Tough Treasure There’s no denying that diamonds are uniquely beautiful. No matter a diamond’s hue–ranging from fancy color to nearly colorless—no other gem sparkles quite like a diamond. While that fact alone makes diamonds an obvious choice for jewelry-making, it’s far from all this wonderful stone has to offer! In fact, probably the best known quality of a diamond is its unsurpassed hardness, reigning at the very top of the Mohs scale (a perfect 10). For this reason,…

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    The 4C’s: Carat Weight

    Carat weight might be the most obvious and straight-forward feature of diamond grading. The metric carat is simply the special unit of weight for diamonds and gemstones, and 1 carat equates to 0.200 gram or 0.007 ounce. Diamond grades are as precise as possible when it comes to carat weight, so let’s take a look at what this process entails and how to understand specific weights. Carats & Points Diamonds are often so tiny and light-weight that even the metric carat has to be subdivided to produce a precise measurement. That’s why you’ll usually see carat weight expressed as a decimal, like 0.25ct or 1.55ct, but you may also come…

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    The 4C’s: Clarity

    Today, we’re going to dive into another part of the 4C’s: clarity. In this context, clarity is defined as “a diamond’s freedom from blemishes and inclusions.” The more free the stone is, the higher the final value will be. Let’s take a look at what these clarity characteristics are and how they’re judged. Blemishes Put simply, blemishes are irregularities on a diamond’s surface. Sometimes, blemishes are a perfectly natural part of a diamond’s formation within the earth. For example, irregularities in the diamond’s crystal structure can cause a grainy texture to occur. Most blemishes, however, are the result of human contact with the stone. Nicks and pits can be formed…

  • Fancy yellow diamond ring
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    The 4C’s: Color

    When you hear the word “diamond,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you might imagine a dazzling colorless gemstone—but did you know that truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare? Not only do most diamonds have a tint, but they can be vividly colored too! Today we’ll take at the look at how a diamond’s color is graded as part of the 4C’s. The Normal Range While diamonds can be any color of the rainbow and more, most fall within a certain spectrum. The vast majority of diamonds available today range from colorless to light yellow, brown or gray. You can think of this…

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    The 4C’s: Cut

    Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring or trying to evaluate antique diamond jewelry, there’s a lot to consider before making your decision. So many different factors go into grading and valuing diamonds, and it can all seem a bit overwhelming at first glance—but don’t worry! We’re here to make it easy. You may have heard of something called “The 4C’s,” which is a short-hand way of describing the four major qualities used to assess a diamond’s value: cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. In fact, you may have read our overview of this process here! But if you’re still wondering exactly how to make sense of…

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    Treated Diamonds

    When it comes to gemstones like emeralds and rubies, chemical and physical treatments are very common, but did you know that diamonds are sometimes treated too? If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of diamonds, you may have come across treated diamonds and wondered what was done to them. Today we’ll dive into exactly what these treatments are and how they can alter or improve a diamond’s clarity and color. Clarity Treatments There are two main types of clarity treatments commonly used today: laser drilling and fracture filling. Laser Drilling Almost all natural diamonds have dark spots and imperfections—known as inclusions—which can impact the stone’s overall appearance. The goal of…