• SJR Diamond Bridal Warranty

    You buy it…SJR takes care of the warranty.

    Did you know Service Jewelry and Repair offers a Lifetime Warranty* on every diamond bridal purchase?  Our Lifetime Warranty* is free of charge and includes any repair work your precious stone ring needs – resizing, prong retipping, stone replacement – EVEN THE CENTER STONE! 

    No need to bring it in for inspections! However, it’s a good idea to bring it in for cleaning and stone check a couple times a year to keep it in great shape. An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. When you buy it from Service Jewelry and Repair, we’ll make sure it does! 

    Once you purchase an engagement ring from Service Jewelry and Repair, you become part of our family. We love being a part of this special time in your life.  Get lifetime assurance from your forever diamond store – Service Jewelry and Repair.

    Shop our stunning line of engagement rings in our stores or online here.

    * Lifetime warranty does not cover theft, loss or mysterious disappearance of the product, tampering with prongs or other elements designed to secure diamonds or gemstones, natural flaws and inclusions in diamonds and gemstones, damage from accident or introduction of foreign objects into the product, abuse, neglect, misuse, product upgrades or unauthorized repairs.