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Meet the Jewelers – Bee Taylor

Did you know we have on-site jewelers at both of our stores? Not only do they handle our same-day repairs, but they also tackle some of our most complex and creative jobs too! Today, we want to introduce you to the jeweler at our Hendersonville store: Bee Taylor.

From the Counter to the Bench

Bee’s career has always been in the jewelry industry, but she didn’t start out as a jeweler. Instead, she began as a sales associate at a big box store, where she found a love for customer service. By helping her customers solve problems big and small, Bee learned the basics of quartz watch repair and laser welding. But it wasn’t until she inherited her aunt’s wedding set that jewelry design became a true passion.

Bee’s aunt’s wedding set

“I guess I kind of got lucky falling into my career path. I knew I wanted to become a jewelry designer before I knew I wanted to be a jeweler.”

In those well-worn rings, Bee saw the potential for something new to be born. Separating the two pieces, she fashioned the yellow gold band into a pendant and added the stunning pear diamond as its accent. As for the main ring itself, she brought back its original splendor and added a gorgeous trillion cut alexandrite. Not only is alexandrite her favorite, but it’s also the birthstone she shares with her aunt and mother.

Bee’s finished designs

Once she started learning about jewelry design, she was hooked. Bee absorbed all the information she could find—everything from independent research to practicing on her own jewelry to watching more experienced jewelers. After years of honing her craft, she knew she wanted to move to the bench full time, providing a better quality product and service than what the big box stores were offering.

Joining Service Jewelry & Repair

In 2019, we were lucky enough to bring Bee on board, and her commitment to quality and customer service has continued to grow. To Bee, every piece that lands on her bench is special, and she loves nothing more than bringing back its former glory. When that can’t be done, she’s not one to give up easy.

“I love taking apart antique jewelry and making something new out of it. I like to be creative and find new solutions to unsolvable problems.”

Take the piece below, for example. The ring was so lovely, but simply too worn to be properly repaired. Bee’s solution? Turning the magnificent white gold detailing (and the diamond, of course!) into a unique pendant.

Her talents don’t stop there, though! Bee also creates original designs using state-of-the-art CAD technology. If you’re not familiar with CAD, it’s an awesome design process that starts with a 3D model and finishes with 3D wax printing! It’s at the core of our custom design process and one of the many ways we can bring your ideas to life.

A selection of Bee’s 3D CAD designs

Come See Bee at Hendersonville!

Whether you need your ring retipped (her favorite repair!) or need someone to rescue your favorite piece, Bee is ready to serve you! Come on down today and see what she can do for you.

Hendersonville Location
1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00
Sat 9:30-5:00

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