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    Effy + Le Vian: Two Day Designer Event!

    We’re so excited to announce our upcoming Two Day Designer Event featuring Effy & Le Vian! In addition to awesome sales on our current collection, we’re bringing in designer pieces that will ONLY be available during this event!

    For your convenience, this exclusive event will be hosted at each of our showrooms on different days, giving you double the time to shop & save!


    August 14-15

    1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400
    Hendersonville, TN 37075


    August 21-22

    782 Old Hickory Blvd. Suite 104
    Brentwood, TN 37027

    If you aren’t familiar with these amazing designers, you should check out our spotlight posts on Effy and Le Vian for a little background on what makes them so special, but we think the examples below will make these designers an instant favorite!

    EFFY 14k Rose Gold 5.25ct Amethyst & .27ctw Diamond Ring

    Talk about a statement piece! This ring is a total showstopper.

    Le Vian Strawberry Gold Deep Sea Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings

    With Chocolate and Vanilla diamonds PLUS Deep Sea Blue Topaz, these earrings are to die for!

    EFFY Men’s Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet

    A bold bracelet for a bold man, featuring a signature panther charm.

    Le Vian 14k Strawberry Gold Aquaprase Candy Pendant

    Chocolate & Vanilla diamonds highlight the natural beauty of Aquaprase!

    You can browse our complete Effy and Le Vian collections online, too! You do NOT want to miss this limited-time-only event, so be sure to mark your calendar or make an appointment below for an extra 10% off your purchase! We hope to see you there!

    Receive an extra 10% OFF with appointment!


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    Turn Something Old Into Something New!

    One of our favorite ways to serve our customers is custom design. You can come to us with a fully formed design (complete with sketches and reference pictures!) or simply come with an idea—but did you know that you can come with materials too? That’s right—we can take your old, worn out jewelry and make something brand new!

    Gather your scraps

    scrap metal and gems
    Dated fashions, worn-out jewelry, broken scraps and loose stones can make great materials for your new design!

    Taking the center stone from a dated piece of jewelry is probably the most common re-purposing we see, but so many other possibilities exist. Tangled gold chains, broken rings, and earrings featuring tiny accent stones can be repurposed too. Not only is this a great way to recycle materials, but it also can cut down the cost of your new piece! When you bring in your scraps, you can have it appraised by a gemologist to get an approximate idea of how much your materials are worth.

    Approve your design

    3D model of a custom design

    Now for the fun part—designing! Like we mentioned before, this process can be as collaborative as you prefer. If you already know exactly what you want, we will faithfully bring your vision to life. However, if you need some help fleshing out an idea, we do that too!

    At the end of the design phase, you’ll have a 3D model (like the one above) ready for approval. With 360 degree views, you can see your custom design from every angle!

    Enjoy your new treasure

    A real finished product by our design team!

    Once the 3D model is approved, we get to work! At our national repair center, we perform every step of the production process. Not only will you have a truly one-of-a-kind piece, you’ll have something locally made too! In fact, we’ll be showing you this entire process is an upcoming blog post, so be sure to check back soon!

    For now, you can check out our custom design page for a little more information about our main designer and the process. We hope to serve you soon!

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    Choose Your Style: Luxury Everest Bands

    Switching out your watch band is a great way to refresh your favorite timepiece, but not all watch bands are equal. If you’ve invested in a luxury timepiece, why should you settle for an ordinary replacement strap? Instead, we suggest Everest watch bands—the perfect way to pair luxury with luxury.

    Swiss-Made to Perfection

    Tudor watch featuring an Everest curved-end Italian leather band

    Luxury watches like Rolex, Tudor and Panerai are known for their craftsmanship and unrivaled style. But when it comes to attaching a new band, those exact qualities can make a good fit challenging—and that’s where Everest’s custom-fit watch bands come in!

    Everest follows three cornerstones when it comes to creating Swiss-made aftermarket bands:

    1) Aesthetically, the band must keep the essence of the watch.

    2) Quality and attention to detail is of the highest echelon with all of Everest’s products.

    3) The replacement straps must be the most comfortable watch straps available.

    In other words, it’s all about producing a band worthy of its watch. By crafting each band for specific luxury models, Everest ensures that no unsightly gaps will be present between the case and band (a persistent problem with other brands!). Plus, by using only the finest materials, your new band will blend seamlessly with the superior quality of your watch.

    Uniquely Yours

    With so many materials, colors and styles to choose from, Everest makes it easy to express your unique sense of style. Take a look at the options below!

    Vulcanized Rubber

    Rolex Submariner featuring an Everest curved-end, vulcanized rubber band in orange

    Not silicone, thermoplastic, EPDM, HNBR, NBR – Everest uses true Vulcanized Rubber.

    What makes true vulcanized rubber so superior? Where to begin?! With incredible comfort yet amazing durability, it’s a difficult material to beat for an adventurous watch-wearer.

    With vulcanized rubber, you’ll be getting excellent resistance to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, dirt, dust, stretching, tearing, abrasion, chemicals, staining, and water. Plus, Everest’s unique channeling system allows for superlative air flow, keeping excess moisture from building underneath. Even after years of abuse, your rubber Everest band will still be going strong!

    Everest rubber bands support both Tang & Deployment clasps, offer 6 size combinations to perfectly fit your wrist, and a full range of colors to choose from!

    Italian Leather

    Rolex featuring an Everest curved-end, Italian perforated racing leather band with red stitching

    Everest leather straps are crafted from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, a perfect light-weight, hypoallergenic option. Softly molding to your wrist over time, there’s nothing quite like a fine leather strap.

    For Tudor, Rolex and Panerai watches, Everest provides its signature curved-end band which hugs your case perfectly. There is also a steel end link version available for Rolex timepieces, but both options support Tang & Deployment clasps and have several color choices.

    Interwoven Nylon

    Rolex Submariner featuring an Everest nylon band with hypoallergenic red lining

    Another curved-end option for Rolex sport models is Everest’s nylon strap. Featuring a hypoallergenic lining and four color options, these interwoven bands are wonderful light-weight alternatives to your original steel bracelet. Just like the rubber and leather options, these bands are completely flush with your case!

    So, if you’re looking for a luxurious change, why not try an Everest band? Available in-store and online!

    We hope to serve you soon!