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Restore Your Watch with Expert Powder Coating

If you keep up with watchmaking trends, you’ve probably seen lots of awesome designs featuring colored metals. Black-coated stainless steel is probably the most popular and has quickly become a favorite for men’s watches, but lots of other hues are being used too! These coatings make it easier than ever to find a watch that suits your style, but did you know these colors don’t last forever?

In fact, everyday friction can remove the coating, revealing the plain metal beneath. To make matters worse, scratches can’t be buffed away without also removing more coating!

As more and more color is lost over time, you might take your watch in to be refurbished—only to be told it can’t be done! Most repair shops are only equipped to polish and plate watches using classic tones like gold and silver—but not us!

Check out this Citizen watch — refurbished and powder coated with brushed and high-polish detailing, all done at our national repair center!

At our national repair center, our refurbishment experts have pioneered powder coating techniques to get these colored watches looking like new again! That’s one of the many reasons people and businesses across the country choose Service Jewelry & Repair for their refurbishment needs, and we’d love to serve you next!

Even though black powder coating is our specialty, we have other colors available too! Simply bring your watch into one of our stores, drop by our repair center, or even mail your watch to us for an estimate!

If you have any questions about powder coating or refurbishment, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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